Monday, April 30, 2007

Objectives for a new board

Objectives for a new board
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Establish a long term objective (ten to twenty-five years) with a plan to meet the objectives.

1. For instance, one objective could be never to reenter the debt market.
2. Another objective is to eliminate all long term debt ten in twenty years.
3. Still another is to fund capital reserves and capital projects via assessments each year.
4. Eliminate any outstanding receivables greater than thirty days to less than 1% of monthly income.
5. Ensure that all contracts are put out to bid and assessed by competent outside consultants.
6. Reduce dependency on single suppliers

The plan can be:
1. Obtain an engineering assessment of the infrastructure within four months as required by AICPA rules.
2. Obtain a line of credit to be used only for "capital improvements" until the assessment income is available, to then be repaid each year without fail.
3. Increase monthly maintenance each year between 3% to 5.5%.
4. Establish a program to require capital assessment each year equivalent to one time or one and one-half times the gross monthly maintenance; to be collected over a six to nine month period such that funds are isolated from maintenance for IRS purposes.
5. Establish committees with friends of the "board" and with one or two board members on the committee for key areas: capital projects, maintenance of hallways and lobby; maintenance of heating and cooling plant; etc.
6. Establish a rigorous program with attorney to require payment of receivables.
7. Employ "industry experts" to assist in creating and evaluating "bid packages" as part of standard program for all major contracts bid.
8. Require that all purchases be made from multiple suppliers (round-robin) so that dependency is eliminated and maybe, not nice to say, collusion.

Use a few simple rules such as above to be the guiding light. Too many and it will be difficult.

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