Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Selling excess solar power back to Con Ed

Great idea for condo & co-op buildings to do.

The New York Sun
Construction Company To Sell Excess Solar Power Back To Con Ed
By Associated Press
August 12, 2008

THORNWOOD — A New York construction company has become the first Consolidated Edison business customer to use a system under which excess power generated by its solar panels can be sold back to the utility.

The chief executive officer of C.W. Brown Inc., Renee Brown, says the "net metering" system conserves energy while saving the company money.

After the company uses whatever it needs of its own solar energy, any surplus is forwarded to Con Ed, which credits the company's account. If a cloudy day means the company comes up short on solar energy, it uses Con Ed power and draws down its account.

The switch was thrown Monday at Brown headquarters in Thornwood.

Some residential customers already use net metering.

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